Burkina Faso. The power of the resilience

In Burkina Faso, an African country considered one of the poorest on the planet, desertification, amplified by global climate change, has made entire districts unusable for agriculture and forcing those who live there to migrate to neighboring states or to Europe.

Some projects implemented by international and local NGOs (such as “Terre Verte”) encourage and support traditional farming techniques. By applying a principle of “resilience” to these disastrous changes in the environment, numerous projects aim to make the desertified areas fertile, allowing local communities to cultivate them again. In this way also trying to limit the phenomenon of “environmental migration”.

In other areas of the country climate change has made the duration and intensity of precipitation unpredictable, making it often disastrous and lethal for subsistence farming at least as much as water scarcity. The radical change in the landscape of Burkina Faso, its flora, and the drought in some areas now become chronic, have in fact erased the presence of the great African fauna in most of its territory.

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