Maha Kumbh Mela. Ticket to Heaven

The largest mass gathering of human history, in Allahabad, India. 

In the Wild World of Writers

A selection of ninety-nine portraits of Italian writers and writers made in the context of a long-term project. 

Survivors to Modernity

A long-term project.

Gaza Hospital

Gaza Hospital

Scene from a squatting in Beirut, Lebanon.

Varanasi Life

In the Indian city inhabited for 4.000 years.

Living on the Border

Nuer tribe in Gambella area, Ethiopia.

Omo River Valley Tribe 

War against time in Ethiopia.

Kolkata Informal Workers

Indian underground economy. 

Roma People by Sharra Dumpsite

The  desperate  community lives near the landfill of Tirana, Albania.

Lands and Sea of ​​Donegal

Visions from the wildest of the Irish counties.

Sarajevo’s Seven Children

War stories in the besieged city.

A Painfull Univers of Dalit

Life, discrimination and struggles of the “untouchables” in the indian city of Kolkata.

Contaminated People

Contaminated People

Pollution in the Europe’s largest oil field. Fier, Albania.


Faces from the Street

The portraits of some of the street artists of the “Big City Life” project, in the Tor Marancia district in Rome.


The Memory of Palestine

Portraits and stories of survivors of the Nakba tragedy in the Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon.

Contaminated People

People and tigers.

The uncertain fate of the Indian tribe Van Gujjar.

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